Foodie: Kroissant + doughnut hybrid part 2

And now, one of the doughnut giants are having its Krispy take on the food trend. Since the cronut craze started in NYC, it seemed like there is a “race” among the established companies to cash in on the same bandwagon. And so, I am naturally curious and had to try it myself. Let another taste-test begin!

I had a meeting in a nearby building and searching for a restaurant for lunch. Lo and behold — a Krispy Kreme outlet was nearby and I just had to ask — Is it true that a cronut-interpretation is on hand?

The cashier just smiled and said, “Yes ma’am, I only have one left.” Of course, silly me, I had to ask if she can hold it for me while I have my lunch. The obvious answer was “no”. I’m easy to convince and I obliged. I was surprised it costs only Php70 (about US$1.50 or so). This is cheap and more reasonably-priced compared to other interpretations that I’ve tried or heard of.

It is very noticeable that this Krispy Kroissant is much “doughier” than the first one that I posted in this blog. Although the layers are very evident, the texture remained soft.


The cross-section of the Krispy Kroissant showed that when I cut it for a cross-section view, it was inevitably flattened and didn’t “bounce back”. Very tasty, don’t get me wrong. I even had a worse “cronut interpretation” that I will not discuss in my blog in order to maintain a positive take of my topics. Krispy Kreme, I think, didn’t overcharge on this one. It seemed reasonable and can be enjoyed by more people.



Since I didn’t get to taste the other flavours, I am only limited to reviewing the chocolate variety. I think it’s only the toppings that differentiate one from the other… but I could be wrong. And there’s only one way to find out — fall in line (some stores open as early as 7:30 am) and buy some more.

Although I hate to admit it, Krispy Kreme really has the upper hand on its glazed doughnuts. I’m all for variety and continuously expanding their selections and flavours but this Kroissant will not take the cake for me. (In the Philippines, the changing flavours and continuous introduction of featured or new product lines are essential for food business viability.) I think the original line of doughnuts will be best for them, including their Truffle Kremes (my obvious favorite). If I have a choice between the doughnuts and Kroissants, I’d take the original-glazed in a heartbeat.

But of course, it will not be the same when the Truffle Kreme’s involved.


Foodie: croissant + doughnut hybrid part 1

Croughnut = croissant + doughnut.

So the cronut craze has reached the Philippine foodie realm. And true enough, many chefs and bakers alike are trying to reverse-engineer the famous cronut in NYC. And so the search begins.

I’d let the readers of this blog know that I’ve not been in NYC for years. But I’ve loved going to Europe and Paris is always a must, and so I have a pretty-much-accurate notion of what a croissant should taste and feel. (And every now and then, the butter is deposited in my trouble areas – a.k.a. fatty deposits). Oh well, I’ve always believed in the French Woman’s Diet and walking around Paris is an exercise and visual feast in itself.  I’ll just exercise more when I get home.

I’m posting right now the croughnuts of Dolce Latte in Quezon City. I must say — it’s a must try!  This cafe-bakery is beside a bookstore and I’ve loved their coffee and pastries and cakes. The restaurant menu and ambiance can even hold its own with or without the croughnuts. It’s elegant chic — perfect for casual lunch with the girls or even on a romantic date.

Back to the original topic. Here are some of the pictures taken using my smartphone. I’ve opted to pick-up my croughnuts on the way to my Barre3 class. (What a motivation!) And so I’ve brought these back to my office when I had to do some serious overtime. (I know… not a fun night.) Nevertheless… these saved my sanity!


I strongly suggest calling the cafe at least several hours in advance.  Walk-ins are not recommended as these are produced in limited quantity and time. I called in to let them know that I will be arriving in the afternoon. I didn’t dare be late for these might be grabbed by the other diners in the cafe. And because this is a taste-test, I picked up three out of eleven flavours.


Clockwise from left: Peanut Butter Crisp; Almond Caramel; and Raspberry Creamcheese

As you can see  the intricate layers that are characteristically on the croissant culinary DNA is very much evident in Dolce Latte’s croughnuts. The difference is that these are deep-fried like regular donuts instead of baking to create the “puff” in-between its layers.


Dolce Latte’s Raspberry Creamcheese Croughnuts

Out of the three that I tried, the Raspberry Creamcheese is my favourite! I love the balance of the richness of the croughnuts and the sweet-tangy-salty combination with the custard center, cream cheese and raspberry jelly.


Dolce Latte’s Almond Caramel croughnuts

On the other hand, the combination of the texture of the almond slivers and the layers of the croughnut base is interesting. The slight bitterness of the almonds cuts through the richness of the buttery goodness of this pastry. It’s good that the caramel is only drizzled on top — it can be too sweet to the point of sending diabetics straight to the E.R.


Dolce Latte’s Peanut Butter Crisp Croughnuts

Lastly, the peanut butter portion of this third flavour reminds me of Butterfinger candy bar. I have a strong feeling that it is so! Interesting combination too and is definitely my second-favorite among the three. The sweet-salty-crunchy combination of the candy bar crumbled on top of the croughnut definitely added another dimension to your taste. Dieters beware: the candy bar makes it more calorie-laden and you need to do extra laps or extra moves in order to burn these.

Basically, the croughnuts are double-trouble. Extra butter plus deep frying will tell you all you need to know regarding the nutritional content of these pastries. But who cares? I was happy eating these. And I know I am right for picking only three. These are to be enjoyed on the day it was purchased. It wasn’t even recommended by the cafe staff to refrigerate these. I think these are meant to be shared too, Sharing not for the portion-control aspect but for allowing yourself to savor as many flavours as possible.

Looks like I’m game for some more. Better ask my best friend and foodie buddies soon!